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Luann Houser's work is recognized instantly by its striking depth and clarity, her ability to broadcast emotions from the canvas, her sensitive color palette and sophisticated lighting. Luann has earned a reputation for doing quality portraits that capture the personalities of horses and their riders. She strives to depict nature and wildlife in undisturbed settings and people as they really are.
Luann’s interest in history has provides inspiration for many of Luann's oil paintings. Dedicated research and annual trips to the West are used to gather reference materials for future paintings. Cowboys, mountain men & Native Americans, pioneers & longhorns from the 1800's to modern day, are featured in Luann's art.
Luann was born in and raised surrounded by the Midwest farm country of Ohio. She has loved both animals and art since early childhood, and began drawing at an early age.

Awards include:Best in Show. 2013 Miniature Art Society of Florida (MASF), First Place at the Parklane Gallery Miniature Art Show in Kirkland, Washington (2012), Best Oil at the Seaside Art Gallery Miniature Art show (2012 & 2011), 2nd Best in Show at Spanish Moss Miniature Art Society Show (2011), the cover design for the All American Quarter Horse Congress Program, Children's Choice award at the Bosque County Conservatory of Fine Art, Award of Merit at the Fitton Fine Art show, Hamilton, Ohio, and Publisher's Award from Art of the West magazine.

She currently resides in rural Indiana with her fiancée and equine, canine and feline companions.



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