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Harley Museum Project


Benjy’s Harley Davidson had a dream to display his antique and classic Harley Davidson’s into a Museum, promoting his dealership and giving the public access to his beautiful motorcycles.
From an empty warehouse to a walk-around display, I helped visualize how it could work, and how to flow the traffic through the timeline of equipment.
I was involved in every stage of the project, from conceptualization, brainstorming presentation ideas, and building platforms that could hold the weight as well as light them beautifully for presentation.
I designed kiosks with graphics for each era, explaining the history, showing photos, and highlighting the motorcycles.
Benji had motorcycles from almost every era, so I used graphics and posters to emphasize the years, in order, from the first to the last.

I used a combination of photos of the motorcycles photoshoped into a 3D conceptual platform to show each era of the Harley displayed.
This was showing Harley’s displayed before an old section of Route 66, which I later airbrushed onto the back panel of the display.

I modeled floor plans & kiosks in the 3D software Maya for client presentations

Graphics, environment and lighting were key features of the walking tour for Benjy’s Harley-Davison Museum of classic motorcycles


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